Trófea Grill Guest Card – Lunch card
4999 HUF/person 4500 HUF/person
This guest card allows for a 2-hour stay on weekdays, Monday to Friday, 12:00 to 17:00, lunch time

Trófea Grill Guest Card – DINNER card
6999 HUF/person 6300 HUF/person
This guest card allows a 3-hour stay on weekdays, Monday through Thursday (except Fridays), 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm for dinner

Trófea Grill Guest Card – ANY TIME card
7999 HUF/person 7000 HUF/person
This guest card allows a 3-hour stay any day of the week, at any time

Trófea Grill Vendégkártya egységes

Give a Guest Card to your loved ones or employees!

Giving relaxation or leisure as a present is a great idea as who wouldn’t be happy to spend some extra hours with their loved ones having lunch or dinner instead of doing some house work? Trófea Grill Restaurants will solve your present selection dilemma, as with the gift voucher you will surely be popular among every generation. The owner of the voucher can freely select when she/he wants to have resort to the unlimited consumption from our buffet selection, which applies to more than 100 types of food items as well as our drink offers.
The gift card’s price depends on the time of consumption. If you would like to give a free choice for using the cards, choose the „independent” option, which can be used any time. If you would like to organize a romantic dinner, you can book the table for a special day and time, buy the gift card in advance, and give it as a present to your loved ones.